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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Tarikere Pincode / Post Office Search (CHICKMAGALUR, Karnataka)

Ajjampura S.O 577547TarikereKarnataka
Amruthapura B.O 577228TarikereKarnataka
Baggavalli B.O 577547TarikereKarnataka
Baragenahalli B.O 577144TarikereKarnataka
Belanahalli B.O 577228TarikereKarnataka
Bettadahalli B.O 577228TarikereKarnataka
Bhavikere B.O 577144TarikereKarnataka
Bukkambudhi S.O 577145TarikereKarnataka
Cheeranahalli B.O 577549TarikereKarnataka
Dandur B.O 577549TarikereKarnataka
Doddabokikere B.O 577547TarikereKarnataka
Doranalu B.O 577228TarikereKarnataka
Duglapura B.O 577144TarikereKarnataka
Gadihalli B.O 577547TarikereKarnataka
Gopala B.O 577144TarikereKarnataka
Hadikere B.O 577228TarikereKarnataka
Halasur B.O 577144TarikereKarnataka
Javoor B.O 577145TarikereKarnataka
Kallathipura B.O 577129TarikereKarnataka
Karakuchi B.O 577144TarikereKarnataka
Katignere B.O 577550TarikereKarnataka
Kudlur B.O 577116TarikereKarnataka
Lakkavalli S.O 577128TarikereKarnataka
Lingadahalli S.O 577129TarikereKarnataka
Mudigere B.O 577550TarikereKarnataka
Mundre B.O 577116TarikereKarnataka
Nandi B.O 577228TarikereKarnataka
Nandibatlu B.O 577129TarikereKarnataka
Neralakere B.O 577228TarikereKarnataka
Rangenahalli S.O 577144TarikereKarnataka
Sampigekhan B.O 577129TarikereKarnataka
Sivane S.O 577549TarikereKarnataka
Sokke B.O 577547TarikereKarnataka
Sollapura S.O 577550TarikereKarnataka
Tanigebyle B.O 577129TarikereKarnataka
Tarikere S.O 577228TarikereKarnataka
Tarikere Town S.O 577228TarikereKarnataka
Thyagadakatte B.O 577549TarikereKarnataka
Togarihanakal B.O 577137TarikereKarnataka
Udeva B.O 577129TarikereKarnataka